Use Facebook Events and Google My Business For Your Local Marketing Needs

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Are you an owner of a small local business looking to market your business?

Here are two free, widely used, and well-renowned ways to market your business: 1. Facebook Events 2. Google My Business (GMB)

Let’s discuss how you can use these two platforms for your local marketing needs in this blog.

How to use Facebook Events

Facebook isn’t just about going international - it can also help you connect with your local audience.

Currently, Facebook has Events Events Near Me where users can see and search what’s happening within their area based on certain categories like music, fitness, and more. Users can also see online events and events happening on a particular date.

You can promote your events on Facebook by posting to the event page, inviting people to the event, and control who sees your event.

This platform has a lot of flexibility and options, too.

Share promotions locally

Does your business have a sale going on? Promote it on Facebook Events.

Use it to share your event - be it online or face-to-face.

Boost it with ads

Not much audience? Get the help of Event Ads to boost your event’s visibility, increase awareness, and sell more products or services.

Find a partner

You can also find a local business to partner with. Once you have one, create a co-hosted event to make both of your audiences aware of the collaboration.

One tip: Choose a partner that complements your product or service.

How to use Google My Business (GMB)

Show up on Google Search and Google Maps by going to Google my Business. Complete the registration process and voila! You can be in front of customers looking for your brand or similar products or services.

Use enticing photos, videos, and texts to promote your business - just like the store signage of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses - only on an online platform.

Tip: Make sure to optimize your GMB account to be the first on the list.

Screenshot of a Google Business with the business’ contact information and Google Map.

Display contests, promotions, and sale

Create an “Offer” post on GMB to display contests and promotions your business offers.

This will encourage people to physically visit your shop or your landing page to engage and convert to be your buyer.

Share new and exciting things about your business

Do you have an announcement? Post on “What’s New” and let your audience know. You can also post blog content.

Did your opening hours change? Are you looking for new employees? Are you closing earlier on a weekend? You can announce all of these and more on GMB.

Event announcements

Are you throwing a pajama party over the weekend? Highlight your events on GMB.

Business posts are great for sharing events like community fundraisings or virtual wine nights. People around your area will see your events which will increase attendance.

Your business goes local

Targeting is a tough one. You often have a wide variety of selections.

But you have to be laser-focus on your target.

Simplifying your audience from an international to a local audience may be the first big step for your business to be known globally.

So, the next time you think of marketing your business, think about going local first. And implement the tips above to maximize Facebook and Google My Business for your marketing needs.

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