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Your support reveals the true face of your business

Customer support is about providing the right answers, help, and guidance for your customers. The industry has been around for decades now and has been an integral part of any business -- from startups to well-known enterprise companies.

Support has continued to diversify as technology improved. Modern support includes a plethora of online channels and sophisticated technology to further enhance the customer experience -- from a mere face-to-face resolution of customer issues, phone calls, and online channels (social media, chat, and AI bots).

Delight your customer with fast response and flexible channels!

At Shizzle, we focus on the following key areas:

  • Fast response time
  • Providing the right answer
  • Personalized solution
  • Empathetic representative

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Email - support provided via email is the baseline support for many businesses. It allows for an easy to difficult troubleshooting with screenshots and items of code to be sent. It is worked through by the support representative before they respond to the customer, making it very attractive for more technical products or services.

Social Media - allows for a quick request and response, which is why so many customers love it. Its best use is for resolving light issues. For complex concerns, it’s a great way to send a customer some documentation or point them in the right direction.

Chat - is a useful tool to provide real-time support for customers or prospective customers.

Call - is an excellent way to provide support to customers. A number of customers prefer phone support—getting on a phone with them will build trust.

Bots - or chatbots is a quick way of resolving repetitive inquiries before even reaching your customer support.

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