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A person holding an old Pentax camera while taking a picture | Majority are visual learners

Almost 7/10 of us is visual learner

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Still or moving images are engaging, compelling, shareable, and it gets and holds our attention effectively. That’s why the majority prefer to be entertained and educated through pictures and videos than text.

• Social Engagement Boost

Social media feeds are filling up with lots of images and videos of different kinds lately, and with good reason—imagery is immensely popular. Adding professional videos and images to your social media is a great way to engage customers, while driving traffic to your profile pages and website.

• Improve Search Engine Ranking

Google and other search engines now favored relevant multimedia content. By adding video and images to your digital marketing strategy, you are boosting your search rankings. Search engines prefer websites that drive user engagement through media like videos which boost your ranking.

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Group of people using their phone simultaneously
People working for a marketing video production using a RED camera system in a sunny day.

Shizzle Media Production

Professional imagery is compelling, relevant, and effective at building trust with your audience. At Shizzle, we know the impact of a single, well-shot video or photo can have on your bottom line.

We have the visual aspect of your brand covered.

Shizzle integrated marketing strategy maximizes the scientifically proven impact of still and moving images to consumer behavior. Multimedia integration on your websites, search campaigns, trade show displays, and sales presentations is crucial to your overall marketing success.

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