Topic Wheel: A Free Content Marketing Strategy For You

Topic Wheel visual representation showing Shizzle as a brand with six marketing services and the corresponding influencers/leaders in each industry.

Topic Wheel: A Free Content Marketing Strategy For You

Content is king.

How many times have you heard this? Maybe many times... that you think it already lost its essence, right?


As Google and other social media algorithms evolve, content is - still and indisputably - the king.

Today, I will share a free content marketing strategy that you can use for your business, brand, and clients.

It is called “Topic Wheel”.

Topic Wheel is not new. It’s all over the place - I mean, the internet. But I have never seen a lot of people apply this. It’s also not my original concept. It’s all thanks to Dennis Yu and Mark Lack who first introduced this concept.

So, I’ll be sharing this today so you can (hopefully) find value in it, use it, and share it with others, too.

Let’s get on with it. .

What is Topic Wheel?

The Topic Wheel is a great help in content creation, curation, and content marketing.

It is a graphical representation of the topics you want to talk about - on your site, blog, and/or social media accounts.

Why is the Topic Wheel important?

The Topic Wheel will help you concentrate on topics that matter to you - you just have to look at them. It will also eliminate the need to research topics to create or curate content. Using Topic Wheel, you can easily look at the social media channels of influencers, leaders, and/or brands that matter to you. Then, you can curate or create content based on these. You can use the Topic Wheel as a basis for what you’ll post.

How does Topic Wheel help in content creation?

Topic Wheel gives you a general idea of what should be on your site, blog, and/or social media. It also provides you with thought leaders or influencers whose content appeals to your audience. Thus, curating content is easy.

Now that you know the rationale behind the Topic Wheel, let me show you how it works.

Here’s how to do it on your own:
1. Place your picture (or your brand’s or business’) in the middle.
2. Choose 6 topics you want to talk about. For personal branding, you can choose 3
personal topics and 3 professional topics.
3. For each topic, choose the top 3 thought leaders, influencers, or brands that are close to
you and are appealing to your audience. You must choose leaders that you have high
regard for, you mostly agree with, and are highly credible for you.
4. Collect their pictures, draw the Topic Wheel, print it, and display.
5. That's it!

Easy, no?

Now, you know how to create your own Topic Wheel.

If you’re not yet sold with the idea of Topic Wheel, let me discuss a little bit about the Content
Marketing Funnel - Awareness, Engagement, Conversion - that the Topic Wheel targets, too.

The content marketing funnel has 3 levels - awareness, engagement, conversion.

The Topic Wheel also has 3 levels - you, the topics, the leaders.

Let me explain further.

First, your influencers will target the awareness part. When you follow these influencers or join groups related to them and share their content, their audience will notice you. Hence, the awareness part.

Next, your topics will cover the engagement part. These topics are the things you will talk about and share with your followers in the form of content. Hence, the engagement part.

Lastly, the picture in the middle of the Topic Wheel will take care of the conversion part - YOU. You are your brand. You’re the seller and people buy from people. Hence, the conversion.

Topic Wheel is a great tool to help you.

BUT I am in no way stopping you from doing what you’re currently doing.

All I’m saying is using Topic Wheel will give you direction when it comes to your content.

If you find this helpful, go ahead and create your own. Here’s a template for you to start with (Canva). Should you need any further help, don’t hesitate to let us know by contacting us here.

And if you want to learn more about Topic Wheel, don’t hesitate to research further or ask away using our chatbox and one of our content marketing geniuses will reach out to you.

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