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6 Essential Holiday Marketing Campaign Checklist

Holidays are coming and so are people's wallets. So, don't miss your chance to sell your products and services to the public.

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When to post on TikTok? Is there really a “best time”? Does it ...

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We are fast approaching the last quarter of 2021. Aside from reviewing...

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Use Facebook Events and Google My Business For Your Local Marketing Needs

Are you an owner of a small local business looking to market your business? Here are two free...

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Topic Wheel visual representation showing Shizzle as a brand with six marketing services and the corresponding influencers/leaders in each industry

Topic Wheel: A Free Content Marketing Strategy For You

How many times have you heard this? Maybe many times... that you think it already lost its essence, right?

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5 Facebook Ad Misspends You Might Be Doing

What’s the best way to market? Advertise! In advertising, you control everything - from the content to placements...

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How Does Categorical Keyword Research Help in Content Marketing?

Gone are the days that you will show up in the results page just because you wrote a thousand-word blog post with a repetitive keyword...

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5 Effective And Efficient Social Media Management Tips

Being a millennial, I grew up knowing what social media is. I’m aware that there can be online friends and followers.

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The Basics of Email Marketing

Email marketing is probably the oldest of all digital marketing strategies. It’s based on creating and sending emails to build and develop...

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Marketing Mixology - Importance of Web & Mobile Accessibility

In this video presentation. I want to take the time to highlight these considerations to help make websites and mobile apps fully inclusive...

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SEO 101 - A Modern Take to SEO

Are you sure you know everything about the search engine optimization? How does it work, and how can you leverage it for your business?

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In this series, we will cover a number of topics, highlighting the key marketing insights and top questions marketers should really...

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Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

You’re feeling ecstatic. You just started your dream business. You have done setting up your physical store, distributed the ...

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High Return On Investment Marketing Strategy

Do you know what digital marketing strategy can give you the highest return on investment?

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