5 Facebook Ad Misspends You Might Be Doing

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5 Facebook Ad Misspends You Might Be Doing

What’s the best way to market? Advertise!

In advertising, you control everything - from the content to placements, from the images to the time to publish, from the animation or lack thereof, and many more.

...because you paid for it.

And what’s the most popular social media platform nowadays? Still unbeatable - Facebook!

With 2.8 billion monthly active users as of January 2021, where else can your audience be hiding, right?

So, what’s the best way to market your products or services?

Facebook advertising!

In November 2007, Facebook Ads was introduced.

It has been 14 whopping years. It has gone through a lot.

Advertisers did, too.

Now that Facebook ads are prevalent and (seems) easy to use, it’s so easy to make mistakes that may seem simple… but may cause your ad campaigns to fall through.

Today, let me list down five Facebook ad mistakes that may cause you to trifle away.

1. Not choosing the right objective

Creating an ad campaign might be confusing. One point of confusion is optimizing your ad campaign for the right objective. Choosing the appropriate objective is a major step towards the success of your campaign. Make sure to choose your objective wisely - whether you need it for brand awareness, reach, traffic, lead generation, or conversions, be clear with it.

Screenshot from Facebook Ads showing the Objectives selection.

2. Failing to set proper budget controls

Budget control is a good way to keep your wallet at bay - especially, those seasoned advertisers. But newbies can be confused.

Screenshot for Facebook Ads showing Budget and Schedule.

The daily budget helps in the consistency of daily spending. While lifetime budget helps in optimizing your budget towards your goal.

3. Un-optimized audience

Your audience should also be optimized. Did you know that if you have a small audience, you’ll pay a higher CPM (cost per thousand impressions)? Map your audience logically but be careful not to narrow them down so much. A good ballpark should be anywhere between 2 to 40 million users.

4. Overlapping audience

Just because you already optimized your audience doesn’t mean there are no overlaps.

A user falls into multiple different targeting options. And by creating different audiences, you can reach this user multiple times. This can easily create ad fatigue.

This can be avoided by the new “Audience Overlap” tool.

Screenshot of Facebook’s Audience Overlap tool.

5. Lack of nurturing the audience funnel from the top to the bottom

Your campaign should nurture the audience at each step of the funnel. You have to create campaigns that are complete with follow-throughs. If you start with brand awareness, you can follow through with ads that have a clear call to action.

Spending your hard-earned bucks should be worth it - even in advertising. A good ROI (return on investment) is what all business owners aim for, right?

Are there any mistakes that I missed? Let us know in the comments. Furthermore, if you need more tips and tricks in all things marketing, seek advice from your marketing experts here at Shizzle Marketing.

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